Next generation All-In-One Indoor and Outdoor Insulation

Water & Fire Resistant | Lightweight | Soundproof | Environmental friendly


MUXBOARD Decoration and Insulation Board is the supreme alternative for gypsum board, calcium silicate board, fiber cement board, MGO board, and other Aqua- or fiber cement related panels.

Commonly used as Indoor Floor, Ceiling, Interior Wall Insulation or Outdoor Roof Panels or Wall Panels.

Easy to install and transport, Fireproof A1 incombustible, Fire Resistance for up to 3 hours, Water Resistant, Light Weight.

Saves Time & Labor Costs, Supreme sound insulation, No Chloride-Ion (No Formaldehyde), High Strength, No Asbestos and Green Environmental friendly.

MUXBOARD will be packed in solid wooden pallets or according to customers’ requirements and shipped. Dimensions are 1200*2600mm / 1220*2440mm or can be customized upon request. Standard available thickness is 6mm to 20mm.




MUXBOARD is Class A1 incombustible (EN 13501-1), rated fire resistance for up to 3 hours: EI 120 min (partition walls) & EI 180 min (cladding) (EN 13501-2 / EN 1364-1:2015).



Extremely stable in performance and not expand in places of high humidity or bathrooms. Won’t physically deteriorate when subjected to water or moisture. Provides a strong moisture barrier and has a superior level of resistance to thermal movements during hot and cold cycles, (Thermal Shock).


Light Weight

This light board (950kg/m3) has a great bending strength and can save time, space, weight and expenses. It is a new and high efficient wall and impact resistance. It maintains its’ quality during construction.


Saves Time & Labor Costs

Easy to prepare, handle and to attach. Easy to cut with stationary or hand saw on slow rotation utilizes carbide tipped teeth. Can be nailed without being warped or cracks. The surface allows textured, cementitious renders or direct paint / wallpaper, tiles and stone strips, etc.


Sound insulation

Foam particle provides excellent sound insulation performance for walls, floors and ceilings.


High Strength

Walls made of MUXBOARD are very solid and substantial and cannot easily be damaged by shocks. MUXBOARD (6mm) is more solid than Paper Backed Plasterboard (9.5mm) and MUXBOARD (8mm) can replace Gypsum board (12.5mm).


Non toxic

No Chloride-Ion (No Formaldehyde) & No Asbestos. Durable and chemically stable board.
Will not cause harm to persons and/or the environment. MUXBOARD® is made without asbestos or other inorganic fibers.


Green Environmental friendly

Produced from natural inorganic raw materials. MUXBOARD does not contain cellulose, and is limiting mould growth (unlike paper faced / wood based products).


Multi purpose

Can be used for Interior partition wall, Partitioning systems, Suspended ceiling board, Sandwich panel, Flooring board, Interior wall & Exterior wall, Kitchen & Bathroom wall board & desktop board.


Where is MUXBOARD applied?

MUXBOARD is applied as insulation or decoration board in building construction projects and comes in various thicknesses commonly used in:

  •  Prefabricated Buildings
  • Hospitals & Health Care Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Office Buildings
  • Apartments
  • Restaurants
  • Non-food or Food Warehouses
Raw material Magnesium sulphate cement, natural plant fiber, fiberglass mesh, foam particles, etc.
Waterproof Coating Optional: High-Quality Waterproofing liquid from Wacker (Germany)
Density ≤ 0.95 g /cm3
Size 1220*2440mm / 1200*2600mm (or Customized size available)
Thickness 6-20mm (customized size available)
Water content ≤ 8%
Chloride ion content 0%
Formaldehyde release 0%
Asbestos content 0%
Incombustibility & Fire Resistance Fire Reaction: Class A1 incombustible (EN 13501-1)Fire Resistance: EI 120min. (Partition Walls) & EI 180 Min. (Cladding) (EN 13501-2 / EN 1364-1:2015)
Water absorption ≤ 23%
Bending Strength ≥ 6.5Mpa
Impact Resistance ≥ 1.5Kj/㎡
Nail-holding Ability 16 N/mm
Water Permeability No water vapour after 24 hours’ test
Water vapour diffusion coefficient 54μ
Thermal Conductivity ≤ 0.2 W/mk
Sound insulation > 41db
Moisture Movement ≤ 0.12%
Heat shrinkage rate ≤ 0.5
Freeze-thaw No distortion after 100 repeated cycles of freezing and thawing

Characteristics MUXBOARD Gypsum Board MGO Fiber Cement Board OSB Board
Fire resistant Excellent Poor Excellent Excellent Poor
Water & Moisture resistant Excellent Poor Good Poor Good
Strong & Durable Good Poor Excellent Excellent Good
Mold & Mildow free Excellent Poor Excellent Poor Poor
Cut/Nail Excellent Good Excellent Poor Good
Chloride-Ion Content 0% 0% 10% 0% 0%
Sound & Heat Insulation Excellent Good Excellent Good Poor
Light Weight Excellent Good Good Poor Good
Recycable Excellent Poor Good Poor
Wallpaper applicable Excellent Good Good Poor
Non-Toxic Excellent Poor Good Good Poor
Insect resistant Excellent Poor Excellent Poor Poor
Extended Product Warranty Yes No Yes No No
Smoke Development None Low None None High
Flame Spreading None Low None None High
Anti-Microbial Properties Yes No Yes No No

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